LF Carrot Fit Pleated Trousers in

Maastricht Blue

v1.0 - Permanent collection

Unisex carrot fit pleated trousers in maastricht blue with lime accents


£ 88.00

~ $90, €85, ¥11400

100% Cotton carrot fit pleated trousers in Maastricht blue are unisex, featuring lime accents. Pockets on both sides. Foldable ends in signature fold. Tonal zipper. Tonal stitching. Material texture: soft and firm. 

100% Cotton, 255 GSM
Made in our Bucharest workshop

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Europe: 10.5 EUR
United Kingdom: £9
Japan: ¥3000
US: 29 USD
Australia: 50 AUD
Other regions: typically from 30USD

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  • To be washed separately or with similar colours.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Iron at max. temperature of 110°C.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach, please!
  • Dry clean, any solvent except trichloroethylene.

Accents inside pockets


Foldable end in lime accents

LF CLUB w/ Carrot Fit Pleated Trousers

Model: Adrian, Height 180cm wearing m
Model: Mara, Height 169cm wearing m


Traditional retail jacks up production costs 5-6x to produce the final price. 

We practice a transparent policy where we show all costs involved in the product and markups from 1.5-3x. All pieces are produced in limited batches. 

Transparency Costs GBP
Materials 9
Hardware 2
Labor 25
Transport 2.5
Usual retail price (5.5x) 179
LF Price 88



For size or model exchanges we will handle all the fees for the return + transport of your new item. Definitive returns are reimbursed, without the cost of transport.

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The LF Carrot Fit Trousers

The precision job

The LF Carrot fit pants are made with prime comfort in mind. Usually carrot fit pants are very difficult as a pattern, this is why proportion is important. The LF model uses four pleats to make a generous hip & crotch area plus a nice ankle strapped ending. They are high waist trousers, made to be worn both with or without a belt.


All LF pieces feature sturdy sewing. We give a standard 2 year warranty for the products. If by any chance the seams break (hey, we're human) you can return it and we'll send it back as new.



Waist round:
XS – 78 CM
S – 78 CM
M – 80 CM
L – 84 CM
XL – 89 CM

Inseam (inside leg):
XS – 76 CM
S – 76 CM
M – 76 CM
L – 76 CM
XL – 78 CM

Outseam (outside leg):
XS – 108 CM
S – 108 CM
M – 108 CM
L – 108 CM
XL – 108 CM


Hip round (/2):
XS – 94 CM
S – 94 CM
M – 96 CM
L – 100 CM
XL – 104 CM


Front rise:
XS – 31 CM
S – 32 CM
M – 32 CM
L – 32 CM
XL – 34 CM


Back rise:
XS – 40 CM
S – 41 CM
M – 41 CM
L – 42 CM
XL – 43 CM


Ankle Round:
XS – 32 CM
S – 34 CM
M – 36 CM
L – 36 CM
XL – 36 CM


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Europe: 10.5 EUR
United Kingdom: £9
Japan: ¥3000
US: 29 USD
Australia: 50 AUD

Delivery Time
Europe: 1-2 Business days
United Kingdom: 1-2 Business days
Japan: 2-3 Business days
US: 1-2 Business days
Australia: 3-4 Business days
Other regions: 3-7 Business days
NOTE: On products that have are not in stock and ordered on demand add an average production time of 5-7 business days.

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