LOOTforever is a brand hailing from Bucharest, Romania. We believe in well made products that value the production chain and the culture they are surrounded by. 

Our factories are based in our native Romania, where we make them in family owned workshops using high quality certified fabrics. 

The permanent collection is made up of pieces that we repeatedly improve.

Instead of releasing seasonal collections, we focus on creating and updating our existing patterns and deliver fresh items on a monthly basis, emerging from the conventional fashion concepts.

Based on the original pieces we build limited edition drops that explore new possibilities in fashion.

We’re a small team of design devouts that ventured in the fashion industry head on.

The fact that we don’t know or give a damn about how the industry works is a thing we’re using to provide a new outlook for the future of the industry.

Ours is not a clothing brand, it’s a clothing club. And everybody in it knows what its about.